1. Is it free?
    • No, but you can try it free for 7 days, and you can extend the 7 days trial again.
  2. Can I pay?
    • Yes, for $7 a month. Your account will be functioning till your cancel your subscription.
  3. Can I share my free trial account with my frieds?
    • Yes. we consider this a positive referral, and thank you for sharing and helping your friend to proctect their online privacy.
  4. Can I share my subscription account with my frieds?
    • Yes, your subscription comes with 5 cocurrent session limits. your friend can use your unsed sessions.
  5. What is the "5 cocurrent session limits"?
      You start your VPN connection on your desktop, it counts as 1 session.
      you enable your phone's VPN at the same time. means your used 2 sessions now.
      your smart TV's. gamer.etc. ...up to total 5 devices at the same time.
      If your friends used all the sessions, you have to wait, or ask them to turn off some sessions, or get a new account.
  6. What about logs ?
      Bandwidth usage and session counts for accounting purpose only. all other logs disabled for perfomance enhancement.

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